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Custom glitter mixes & Trinkets

How will you unleash your inner sparkle?!? No two mixes are the same. Glitter mixes for nail art and glam, slime, crafts. Special  themed collection sets, trinkets and more!

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Ways to use our glitter mixes

Acrylics/gels/dip nails

Our mixes can be used in Gel or Acrylic. They can be mixed in with a ratio of 1:3 (mix to acrylic). Or you can encapsulate the mix onto a sculpted nail. some of the mixes can be used with the dip system also. you can also talk to your local nail tech if you like to get your nails done outside of your home, most nail techs will use a mix.


Add to clear slime to give off a sparkle or even colored slime. Each mix gives slime a different effect to it. 

Regular nail art

If you love doing your nails at home and want to add some sparkle to your manicure our mixes work good with regular nails. Just apply the loose glitter to a tacky surface and then add a thick glossy top coat depending on how chunky the mix is. Extra chunky mixes may need a gel top coat depending on how it sits on your nail. THese mixes can also be mixed with a little bit of clear polish on  mat to be dabbed on for easy application.

Jewelry/nail polish +more

 Our mixes have been used in other crafts to, such as greeting cards, hair bows, jewelry and even painting. Some mixes which are solvent resistant(marked with ***) can also be added into nail polish to give it some extra sparkle.

**DISCLAIMER-Please test the mix for bleeding since not some solvents that may be used are harher then others

Not sure what to pick?


"I added this glitter to some clear slime- it is GORGEOUS beyond words! Definitely great for slimmers!"

Themed Slimes

''This is one of my favorites. It’s unique, it has so much color but at the same time it’s so delicate. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants sparkly, delicate and beautiful nails''


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New and exciting things to come!

New and exciting things to come!

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Warm welcome!

Warm welcome!


A little about me and the ladies who help me run Glittertastrophe and how it all started.

How will you unleash your sparkle?

How will you unleash your inner sparkle? Use your glitters from nails, crafts, slime, resin pieces and more, whatever makes your life sparkle. Custom mixes and colors are available, just contact me for details and no extra charge for a custom mix or collection!

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